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Student Rental Applications & Requirements

Requirements for Students:
-Must have a co-signer (Parent Guarantor)
-Must be a student @ a University in Maryland
-Must have valid Student ID 

Click for Student Rental Application

 Family Rental Applications & Requirements

Requirements for Families:

Click for Family Rental Application

Click for Credit Card Authorization

Click for ACH Authorization

Click for Debit Card Authorization

After the application is complete, here are options of how to submit it: 

  • Drop off a copy at our office

  • Fax a copy (Fax #: 410-341-6315)

  • Scan application and email a copy to our email ( Please Don't forget to send a picture of your License as well.

Forms for Tenants- Payment Options

-Must be at current employer for a year minimum
-Must have prior rental history
-Must make 3x the rent amount (proof in paystubs)
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